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"Beware of the Banker"              "The  Secrets of Portland, Maine"

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"Beware of the Banker" was recently among 50 fiction books highlighted in Publisher's Weekly, which goes to 23,000 book stores, libraries, agents, publishers and movie producers.

Just published!

"The Secrets of Portland, Maine"  A book of facts, trivia, and history of the city of Portland.  For example, did you know there is a cemetery in Portland you can rent for weddings?  $750 for 3 hours.  Did you know Portland has a connection to John Wilkes Booth?  Thousands of cars pass through Morrill's Corner every day, but did anyone ever wonder who Morrill was?

What's the most haunted building in Portland?   Also a listing of Portland's award winning restaurants and chefs.   You can order a copy now by going to the "Store" page...

     Written by Barry Somes, a life-long resident of the Portland area.  He operated a tour guide service offering narrated tours of Portland.  The book is based on his guide training manual.


Barry at a recent book signing is a division of the PAPERBACK WRITER COMPANY. Credit card charges will show Paperback Writer. The Paperback Writer Company owns the copyright to "Beware of the Banker" and "Operation: Rainmaker" and earns income not only from book sales but also from author speaking fees, merchandise sold and sales of vacation tour packages and cruise vacations. The company is privately held with a value estimated at $145,000.  

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