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On these pages you'll find reader comments, book descriptions, a note from the author, an order form and an invitation to join me in Miami's South Beach in November.    

BONUS!  If you use your social media to recommend one of my books that you've read, I'll give you a $5 credit toward a future book purchase!  Just send me an email with details such as which social media you used, which book you recommended and when you posted it.  I'll give you a $5 credit that you can use any time this year. The credit cannot be used with any other credits or discounts, limit one per person.   Be sure to refer people to my website, in your recommendation.

To introduce myself, I was born in Maine and have never lived more than 12 miles from the hospital where I was born.  My family came to Maine in the mid 1700's.  My grandfather was a Maine storyteller and popular after dinner speaker.  I worked in a commercial bank for several years before opening my own travel agency.  I spent over twenty years as a volunteer fireman and EMT.  I served on the board of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and on the board of the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau.  I am now working on my fifth book and am a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.  Something that very few people know, I once attended clown school taught by a Barnum Bailey Ringling Brothers  Circus instructor!  I have also enjoyed hiking and have climbed Mount Rainier and spent a month hiking the Swiss Alps including a climb of the Matterhorn, getting to within 1500 feet of the summit.

I have lots more book ideas so there's lots more to come!

Join me on a great ride! 

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