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From a reader of     Operation: Rainmaker


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"Operation:  Rainmaker"

"Operation: Rainmaker" by Barry Somes is about a young college girl who becomes a Geology student inspired by a love for Astrology in her youth.  She discovers a top-secret file about a foreign element and suddenly finds herself caught in a flurry of events unfolding before her with sinister forces at play.  Get ready to be plunged into a world where Margo embarks on several adventures and often has to fight her way out of tough predicaments.
"Operation: Rainmaker" by Barry Somes is a gripping story from beginning to end and I could not wait to read what happens next.  If you are a James Bond fan, like I me, you will definitely like this, as there are many references.  Embark on a journey with Margo to several locations, each well-described, each with a unique set of characters and settings.  Barry keeps the reader captivated throughout and the main character seamlessly integrates into each plot development.   This story has zero predictability and the element of surprise was noted a few times. "Operation: Rainmaker" is decently paced and does not stagnate, and before long, the story moves forward and unfolds to the next scene.  
I could easily understand the elemental structures, even if I am not a Geologist!  The characters were well described and relatable.  Each setting is carefully described and the scenes flow easily from one to another.  Once I started to read, it was difficult to put it down!  I honestly can not wait to read more from Barry Somes!

Reviewed by Rihan Bezuidenhout for READER'S FAVORITE

"Operation: Rainmaker" received a 5 STAR rating from Reader's Favorite, their highest rating!


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