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Operation:  Rainmaker

"Operation:  Rainmaker"  NOW ON SALE!   A story about a mineral found on the moon that could be the answer to our energy needs.  The first 100 copies will be signed and numbered.   "Operation: Rainmaker" has a main character who has several different names throughout the book :   Margo, 7, Sheila, 0130, and finally Anne (with an e).  Hope you can keep her straight!   For those of you who have read "Beware of the Banker," you're sure to recognize the return of one of the characters from that book!   It's the book the fossil fuel industry does NOT want you to read!

The photo below is the cover of Operation: Rainmaker and the one below that  is of me holding a seven pound rock from the Moon, the subject of the book!

Sam Scola has written and performed the theme song for the book, "On a Mission of Danger."     You can play the song by  going to, Sam Scola's Song Collection #9, and "On a Mission of Danger" is #5.                        

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